All spice

(Pimenta dioica)
All Spice
Bella Dee’s uses the plant in some of our soaps for its anti-fungal quality, as the plant has long been used to fight foot fungus as well as other types of fungi on the skin.  The aroma it imparts to the soap is a  yummy bonus. Known locally as Pimienta Gorda, this spice is a staple in most Belizean kitchens and it is used to spice up soups and stewed fruits and even the traditional christmas black fruit cake.

Now Bella Dee’s has found a way to bring the  wonderful spicy aroma into your bathrooms.   The consistency of the ground seeds in the soap makes it  moderately exfoliating.  The plant, both seeds and leaves, have been used to treat rheumatic aches and pains, exhaustion, menstrual cramps, upset stomach and infant colic.

We have two soaps that contain this yummy spice - try out: Lemon spice and Spicy medicated soaps. Search for them in the search box on this page.


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