Bella Dee’s is a budding, engaging, environmentally and socially responsible micro business founded in the kitchen of my home in September 2008. Our soaps are produced using a cold process system. The base ingredients in all our natural handmade soaps are the highest quality of exceptional essential oils, vegetable oils and butters which are mixed with lye and water. No animal fats or oils are used. 


Experience the benefits of aroma-therapy in a practical way. Our unique formulas leave no residue on the skin.  The oils used are chosen based on the special qualities they bring to the soap such as the ability to moisturize and soften skin and the type of lather they produce.  Since all our soaps use only natural products and retain all the glycerine produced during the saponification process, they have a softer, creamier consistency than regular commercial, synthetic soaps. So yummy, you might be tempted to take a bite.  Good to the last suds.  You may never want to leave the tub again!


“Bella Dee's Soaps, Bath and Spa products” was featured locally on November 9th, 2012 on the show Open Your Eyes on Channel 5, a production of Great Belize Television, Belize City, Belize (www.Channel5Belize.com).


This video showcases Dona Dougall Sosa, owner of Bella Dee's, with her range of products. She discusses their use in a lively and entertaining interview by the Shows' hosts Marleni Cuellar and William Neal.


View the video below. It is just 23 minutes short. Enjoy!


We're listening!

Try one or try them all. We are sure that you will enjoy the variety of soaps that we have to offer.

Every effort is made to ensure you get the highest quality handmade soap. Each one is made with a special purpose in mind and we hope you get all the special benefits from each bar.

Your suggestions to improve our product line are welcome. If do not see the combinations of ingredients that you would like, be sure to ask us, we just might surprise you one day.

We strive to improve our products so be sure to give us your feedback by sending us an email at:  

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We are looking forward to hearing from you.

VERY important information!

We are a budding business, in fact we are a very very very small operation so bear with us as we can only sell our products in the country of Belize right now.

We can only take orders by email or phone so please be patient as we try to upgrade our website to be able to take online orders at a later date.
Remember that all our soaps are handmade fresh for you so please do not be surprised if we may not have your soap ready. We take our time to make sure you get the best quality soaps.

Our products are available at some of the fine locations here:

  • Belize Gifts  (San Ignacio)
  • Books 'n Stuff (San Ignacio)
  • Cheers restaurant and gift shop (Mile 31 and 1/4, Western Highway)
  • Magana's Mayan art shop (San Ignacio)
  • Mapye's Beauty World (Racecourse St., Belize City)
  • Martha's Kitchen (San Ignacio)
  • Paws Vet Clinic (San Ignacio)
  • Pet World (Turneffe St., Belmopan)

We thank you for visiting and we hope you come back often.

Please like us on http://www.facebook.com/belladeesbelize and leave us feedback if you have used our products or simply if you want to say some words of encouragement!


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