Jackass bitters

(Neurolaena lobata)

Jackass bitters

This is another local herb with wide medicinal application. It has been used to rid the intestines of parasites and treat malaria, diabetes, fungus and bacterial infections. It has insecticidal  properties and hence has been used to get rid of hair lice. It has even been used for tick control on small animals. The leaves have a bitter taste hence the name given to it locally. This plant is now fading into memory which is unfortunate because it was a staple of the bush medicine practitioners in Belize.

While the main effect of the plant is obtained by drinking the tea of the plant, Bella Dee’s has prepared a product that may provide you with benefits through its effect as a topical treatment enveloped in our softest natural handmade soap. Our product is particularly effective when the skin has small cuts and abrasions. Look out for more products with this “herb” providing its amazing qualities for the benefit of the health of your skin.

Now you can enjoy the benefits of this local herb right in your own shower: Try our Jackass Bitters soap.




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